My Roommate Is A Player

My Roommate Is A Player

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Atlanta By AtlantaRobinson Updated Mar 12

I stuck the key in the lock and twisted, before shoving it back in my pocket. I intended on kicking the door open, but a deep, masculine voice came from behind me. 

"Sorry, who are you?" 

I slowly spun around, and I looked directly into the eyes of a nicely built guy. He looked around the same age as me. His hair was dark, his eyes as green as emeralds. He was shirtless, showing off his muscular features. He was covered in sweat, giving off the impression that he came back from an intense workout. 

"Sorry, who are you?" I shot back.

He drew his eyebrows together, analyzing me further. His eyes returned to mine. "The owner of the apartment you just broke into."

I sent him a look before I grabbed the key from my pocket, lifting it for him to see. "I'm not breaking in. I'm your new roommate."


After Lily received a letter that stated she was accepted into her dream college, she was in search of an apartment. Finally, she found one that was close to her dream college, and it also included a roommate. After discovering who her roommate really is, things take a turn. 

WARNING: This story includes mature themes, and explicit content such as sexual content,  bad language, etc!

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