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Landon Xyne.

We all love his personality as much as he loves his bagels. 

So let's see how his life was before Jordan showed up. 


I took off in a sprint while I heard the cop sirens coming closer. 

I looked to my right and ran into the dark alley. I hid behind a trash can while the cop cars past by with bright lights and loud sirens. 

At first I thought I was the one that cursed but I held my breath and looked to my left and see two men looking towards the opening of the alley. 

"Boss will kill us if we get caught." Someone hissed.

"We won't get caught. They left already." And he was right. The sirens were faint and I was about to leave but that's when I heard someone cough and groan. 

"Shoot him already. We're already late as it is!" 

"Okay." And then a gun shot sound filled the alley and that was the first time I heard a gun shot fire and that was my first witness as murder. 

And my first mistake of running. 

My mistake that cost my life to be part of a gang. 


*sips tea* 


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