Tasting Flavours

Tasting Flavours

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Shannon Hewitt By WarriorWriter Updated Sep 11, 2016

A fortnight ago, I was human. Now I'm a bitch in Heat.  

I received a letter-- an invitation to a shifters club. Perfect for a lone female like myself during Heat, they said. Your first time is always the worse, I was told. I'll need all the the help and support I can get from fellow wolves, they said. Everyone seems to be telling me everything because I don't know the first thing about being a she-wolf.  I have nothing to lose so I go to the club.

That night changed my life.

**beautiful cover credit to @anna-mo, thank you!**

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Like on your period when you sneeze all hell breaks loose 😂
kaitscraze kaitscraze Apr 22
wait, we dont know who turned her so maybe it was the ex boyfriend since that seems to be a common link
00crossfire 00crossfire Jun 13, 2016
Dam it I need that sense it would make my love life so much easier...
Iratepandabear Iratepandabear Feb 23, 2016
Is anyone else imagining lil' Gideon from gravity falls now?
mackie-56 mackie-56 Apr 21, 2016
You owned your car for four years...you named him Brad...you loved Brad...im sorry
rogerandcheyanne rogerandcheyanne Oct 02, 2016
I'm trying to imagine if I were this lady and receiving this type of news.  This would be a crazy experience.  I would not only feel awkward but feel like I would be using the male and not feel right about it.