Tasting Flavours

Tasting Flavours

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Shannon Hewitt By WarriorWriter Updated Sep 11

A fortnight ago, I was human. Now I'm a bitch in Heat.  

I received a letter-- an invitation to a shifters club. Perfect for a lone female like myself during Heat, they said. Your first time is always the worse, I was told. I'll need all the the help and support I can get from fellow wolves, they said. Everyone seems to be telling me everything because I don't know the first thing about being a she-wolf.  I have nothing to lose so I go to the club.

That night changed my life.

**beautiful cover credit to @anna-mo, thank you!**

00crossfire 00crossfire Jun 13
Dam it I need that sense it would make my love life so much easier...
Is anyone else imagining lil' Gideon from gravity falls now?
mackie-56 mackie-56 Apr 21
You owned your car for four years...you named him Brad...you loved Brad...im sorry
I'm trying to imagine if I were this lady and receiving this type of news.  This would be a crazy experience.  I would not only feel awkward but feel like I would be using the male and not feel right about it.
For someone who claimed to have an outfit plan for various occasions she paired horrid shoes for the dress in the first place, if she wanted comfy wedges or even classy looking flats would've been fine
Lol thanks. It auto-corrects it every time with burley to barley. I'm trying to describe a man not cereal grain 😑