Alone. Zayn Malik. [Vampire]

Alone. Zayn Malik. [Vampire]

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CaitlinHarryTVD By CaitlinHarryTVD Updated Aug 17

Zayn Malik is the most feared vampire in the world. Ruthless. Stubborn. Heartless. Hateful. No Humanity. Anyone would say all of that. He tears through humans with no remorse, no gentleness. No one can stop him. He's taken over the world, country by country. Vampires have all control. 

Every female that lives in London, where Zayn Malik lives, is forced at age 16 to board a train into his kingdom where they will become his. You can't escape London, it's sealed up by a witch. This happens every month on the first. No one lives past the month. Zayn rips them apart by then. You can hear the screams when you pass by the walls.

Now Mackenzie Pierce must endure her turn.

That was strange. Kill 9 of the girls and leave one to stay alive. Crazy.
LexLizzz LexLizzz Nov 20, 2015
Oh nice, just leave her in there with the dead bodies why don't ya!
Asthenophobia Asthenophobia Nov 15, 2015
I almost double checked to see if this was a Harry Potter ff.