Cupids Love Diner: A Soulmate Tale

Cupids Love Diner: A Soulmate Tale

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Sydney Woodruff By sydney_w24 Updated Dec 03, 2017

A small town named Stone, most goes by its nickname Love City. With a population of only one thousand and little to no restaurants, it does have something that makes it stand out in the world. The Diner. 

The Diner is a hole in the wall with peeling walls and little to no employees, but it is everything to the people of Stone and many more around the world. The reason the small place is such a big role to the world is that when you walk in to order at the computer, no person takes your order, and you sit at a table with a number burned into the wood, listening to the chef cook, but you never see them. 

A small ding will signal you order is ready and slide out onto the bar awaiting you with a small slip of paper sticking out of the top with a small metal stand holding it in the middle of your food. That small little white card made of the good stock paper is not anything but the most important thing in your life. 

The person will walk up grab their plate and sit down picking off the paper eager to read it, it either has a two digit number or a date with a time. The two digit number signifies the table, the date signifies the day you should come back, if you want to meet them. 

Them being your true love, the one meant for only you in the world. Once your eyes lock it's forever and nothing can come between the love that will happen between both of you. 

Some even joke that the chef is Cupid himself just match making through food. 

It is always simple and easy on how things work and how things happen, except when it came to me, my card had words and changed the way of the Diner. 

I was the only one who didn't believe and that bit me in the ass. When my card slipped across that bar awaiting me to pick it up with the food, the card was gold with silver words. 

It simply read, The Chef. 

Then the true adventure began.

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ChioDewdroP ChioDewdroP Jul 29, 2017
Why do they have ice cream in the first place? I am never on a diet, but still, ice cream is a rarity for me these days. Sad, but true