Nothing More, Nothing Less (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Nothing More, Nothing Less (A Harry Styles Love Story)

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Maya Hartman was never into One Direction. The twenty-six year old girl, living alone in an apartment in New York City and working at a girls' clothing store, was just never a big fan.  That is, until Harry Styles moved into the apartment next to hers. After spending one day with him, she realizes how amazing and utterly captivating he is. Why would such a huge superstar like Harry Styles fall in love with a normal girl from New Jersey? How was that meant to be? Shouldn't he be falling for someone who was a little more exciting than just plain old Maya Hartman? Well that's what she thought... How easily will it take for Harry to make Maya fall for him? Will the new neighbors become more than 'just friends'? What will their careful relationship end up being like? Promising yourself that you won't fall for the British superstar living next door to you hasn't always been the easiest thing to do for the young and innocent girl who never expected to fall in love in the first place. 

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(cover by: unpredictagirl) <3

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estelle_batchelor estelle_batchelor Aug 13, 2017
I am in love with how you have done the start then one year prior! I've never seen it done before on watt pad and I think it's really clever, cool and interesting! Really splendid job your doing already! Your writing is fantastic and is about the Hazza too which makes it even better!
user38565601 user38565601 Oct 02, 2017
Wow hey i love the way you presented the book but other than that thumbs up for writing about my crush harry styles
snl5940 snl5940 Jun 16, 2017
and there you are, ladies and gentlemen, reasons why harry styles is a perfect human being....
estelle_batchelor estelle_batchelor Aug 13, 2017
These are just a very few of the many many many many MANY reasons why Harry Edward Styles is the PERFECT human being ever
vintagekiwii vintagekiwii Aug 05, 2017
443 Greenwich Street. 
                              His current NYC address. 
                              You're welcome.
shesintobands shesintobands Jun 29, 2016
Why is my name ALWAYS in fan fictions? I've read four 1D  books in the past month with my name in it. How