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FALLEN 2: Forbidden and Beyond

FALLEN 2: Forbidden and Beyond

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Mhabs Quizon By sunako_nakahara Updated Apr 22, 2019

Adelise has only known darkness her whole life. But this blind girl holds the key that will let Fate turn its wheel once more. Between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons--a war will start again. Although the past haunts those left behind, can the power of love prove itself once more?
A nameless blind girl abandoned by everyone--that's who Adelise used to be. As she tries to learn the meaning and appreciate the importance of life, she finds herself thrown in the middle of a Holy battle far beyond the reality she had just come to know. Now, three lives are intertwined in this immortal fight. Is this finally the chance to unravel the mysteries of Adie's life? Can love prove itself once more and surpass what's forbidden?
Disclaimer: This story is in Taglish.
Cover Design by Adam Budny