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BridgesTunnels By BridgesTunnels Updated Oct 27, 2017

The number one rule for the underlings at the venerable Robert Abraham Agency - DON'T DATE THE TALENT!

This hasn't been a problem for the past two years that twenty-four year old Amelia "Millie" Stevens has worked as an assistant in the commercial department there.  Millie is so driven to get her foot in the door as a screenwriter and prove that despite her working-class upbringing she belongs amongst her connected and wealthy colleagues, that she spends her days tethered to the phone at her desk and her nights completing coverages of other people's scripts. She barely has the time, or money, to do her laundry let alone actually date anyone. Of course she might flirt a little bit. After all it's part of the deal when you work with charming actors day in and day out. But Millie won't compromise her future for anything less than a blockbuster with series potential kind of love, and certainly not for a b-movie lay, so she knows where and when to call "CUT" on the action.

That is until twenty-eight year old, supremely-hot British television star Fin Covington has a meeting with her boss and Millie begins to question the stage directions of her life. Should she ignore the rule and greenlight the affections of this celebrity on hiatus, despite the risk of exposure by her scheming colleagues and the paparazzi? Or should she "PASS" on the summer-long dalliance? As she makes her choice, Millie soon comes to realize that not everything in life can be scripted and sometimes you just have to adlib.

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