It's A Love/Hate Thing (BoyxBoy) [Slash]

It's A Love/Hate Thing (BoyxBoy) [Slash]

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Amy By XxAmaymay_StevexX Completed

[This book will contain- at numerous times- two GUYS acting upon feelings- which means sexual acts. So, gay sex is present! No likey no readey! Please move on! Thanks- this book also contains abuse, upsetting scenes and then a LOT more abuse!]

The book one doesn't mean a sequel in this case, it's just the first in the love'hate series C:

(Book 1) Logan is every girls dream; and maybe even some guys... well certainly- he's far too sexy to resist. He has everything he could ever want:

Popularity? Check.

Good Looks? Check.

Girls falling at his feet? Check.

Charisma? Check.

Badass Reputation? Double Check.

So what is he going to do when a new boy comes to school, shares HIS room, has an equally high rep and is just as good looking, maybe even more so? Well the choice is obvious... Fight, make enemies, and fight some more... Right?

Well, the real question is, what does he do when he realises that he doesn't hate Jayme just as much as he thought...Will his feelings change and ruin everything? Or is he finally going to be broken beyond repair? Considering him and Jayme both have dark pasts- one Logan tries to hide- it may end up costing his life. So, is he strong enough to make it to the grand finale of his junior year?

It's all down to a love/hate thing in the end...

"...his cute [Insert feature]. CUTE?"
                              IF I had a dollar for every freaking boyxboy story that line is in, I'd be a millionaire.
I feel like they're the couple that would fight for the smallest reasons just to have rough, angry sex
ResiiMary ResiiMary May 18
Does that mean their father slept with two women at the same time and nobody cares? Bc the to are the same age...
SelfishWish SelfishWish Jul 14
How come every person I meet/read about thinks dimples are cute? Like, I see them as an anomaly trait of human kind. Just why?
ChromaWolf ChromaWolf Jun 12
Me except I'm gay XD like I literally introduce myself like that
Somehow I read that he threw his alarm out the window....I need to read things better