A Game of Crowns

A Game of Crowns

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Bianca Alejandra By francoba90 Updated Mar 08

Eighteen year old, Penelope Tate, a seemingly ordinary citizen of Iron Forge, was pulled into an old and archaic game. One afternoon as she tended to her every day chores a message arrived.
 The ruling family of Iron Forge had been brutally murdered.

 According to ancient rules of The Trinity, the new king and queen would be chosen from a selection. The victors of The Game of Crowns would bring in a new rule to the Iron Forge territory.  Anyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one would have to take part by order of the mandate. 

Little did Penelope know that she was about to embark upon a journey that would change her life forever.

***Thanks so much for the cover. It's so beautiful.

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plunkey plunkey Feb 15
So I thought this was pretty swell. But given the dude's lungs were punctured, he might have died a bit early on I feel. But that's just my take on it.  It's a great prologue, and I feel you set up your story quite nicely.
@francoba I need to meet this best friend. On second thought I don't anymore
plunkey plunkey Feb 15
Very nice start, but I think it would be a bit hard to yell when your lungs have been incapacitated. You'd more likely be gasping for breath... or at least that's what I think. I'm not too good when it comes to how the human body reacts and operates to injury.
Maya_is_her_name Maya_is_her_name Dec 23, 2017
Nooooo😭 Author why did you play with my emotions like this? 
                              Nah it's me I'm too emotional
Maya_is_her_name Maya_is_her_name Dec 23, 2017
ALWAYS! 😭😭 killing an entire family just for paper that'll run out in a matter of days
After all this time at least I get a little piece of Jesus however it may come🙌😫✝❤