A Game of Crowns ✔️ (#Wattys2018)

A Game of Crowns ✔️ (#Wattys2018)

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Bianca Alejandra By francoba90 Completed

Eighteen year old, Penelope Tate, a seemingly ordinary citizen of Iron Forge, was pulled into an old and archaic game. One afternoon as she tended to her every day chores a message arrived.
 The ruling family of Iron Forge had been brutally murdered.

 According to ancient rules of The Trinity, the new king and queen would be chosen from a selection. The victors of The Game of Crowns would bring in a new rule to the Iron Forge territory.  Anyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one would have to take part by order of the mandate. 

Little did Penelope know that she was about to embark upon a journey that would change her life forever.

***Thanks so much for the cover. It's so beautiful.

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does nobody else think it’s weird that she’s so passionate about helping the poor yet doesn’t even want to be queen. does she not realize that being queen would make it so that she could help those poor people
My mother used clothes hangers, rulers, sticks, slippers, belts, basically anything laying around
I actually once had a story with a territory called the Midlands, what a coincidence. Although it is probably a fairly common word to use.
*rolls up sleeves* *grabs sword* *kills the bitch of a bestie*
In my family, the weapon of choice is shoes*shudder in pain from a back flash*
I think it has something to do with psychology of colours etc.