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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

660 Reads 8 Votes 3 Part Story
Claire Borzoni:) By WeirdClaire Updated Mar 08, 2011

Ava and Johnathan were childhood lovers for as long as they could possibly remember. They stick to each other through the good and bad. When Ava was fifteen her mother passed away, and having never known her father moved in with her aunt. Her father found out of her mother's death and sent for his daughter, his princess. He denied all contact will people from previously, including Johnathan. Then, he arranges a marriage for Ava. They begin the long journey to recover the past.

- - Feb 27, 2012
It has a few grammatical errors, but nothing really major. Nice plotting.(: I do hope Jonathan and Ava do get together or at least meet again! Good job!
WeirdClaire WeirdClaire Mar 21, 2011
                              The reason I chose to do an arranged marriage is because, back then between royals it was extremely popular. This story takes place close to the Renassaince (Or however you spell it) period.
Dreaming_Love Dreaming_Love Feb 21, 2011
I liked it!! It has great potential....and I can already see her being reunited with Johnathan at some point :) I really want you to keep writing this. Please...with a cherry on top? lol :)
                              <3 addy
bluebuffy bluebuffy Feb 07, 2011
i really liked this and enjoyed reading it, though try to do a grammar check and add detail in some places to make it even better! :] i voted, and i'll fan
xoxmusicxloverxox xoxmusicxloverxox Feb 05, 2011
Intriguing start... Captures the readers attention. I like it :) The only thing that i wasnt a fan of was the arrange marriege  bit. Its too cliche... Still love it tho. ;p Do you mind reading mine too? Please comment what you think of it. Maybe even vote, if you like? ;)
- - Feb 05, 2011
I liked this. I loved the description of her fingers. Good job, could you read my stories? Thanks and keep it up.