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Miss natkhat By its_me_abbbyy Completed

"Haath chorein mera(leave my hand)"i said wincing in pain.

His smirk grew wider and now he held me by my shoulders and said "you don't have any choice noor,you were declared mine the first time i saw you.You have to say yes for this marriage.....or else"he pulled me closer.

"O..r..r.r e..lelse" I stuttered

 "y..ou willll..k..ill"i asked with tears in my eyes.

He laughed ,he pulled my chin up and said"i cant hurt you noor...if you say no to this marriage....your family will face the consequences " i gulped. 

He released me and said"Now get ready,beauticians will be here,our nikah is in 3hours"he kissed my cheek and left.I slumped down on the floor,crying,thinking what had i done to get such a punishment.
**************************************************************************************************************An innocent girl falls into the hands of a ruthless,arrogant mafia leader. Will they be able to love each other?
Read on to find out.

This story was completed on 4 September,2018.

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