[HEAVY EDITING HAPPENING] Timid (Daryl Dixon) [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]

[HEAVY EDITING HAPPENING] Timid (Daryl Dixon) [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]

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eh By gayblob Updated Jun 27

Maya Scott's a shy, small town doctor who lived a simple life with her twin sister up until the apocalypse started.  Once it did, however, a heavy secret loomed over her head, which could have dangerous consequences once it came out.

Oh, Daryl's there too.

She might wanna hop on his dick.

Who knows?

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Cutenekoexplosion Cutenekoexplosion Jul 02, 2016
Haha I wuv u jeez I'm gay ish too I'm bi and I wuv that u said it like that and Daryl I's a meh
Saviorleli Saviorleli Jun 27, 2016
Before I start reading, just wanted to let you know that your views on this book is Satan. K bai.
emmachi emmachi Sep 06, 2016
I have no idea what my sexuality is and this is a great message to anyone else who doesn't know either! Thanks!
kitthekat11 kitthekat11 Nov 22, 2016
I'm bi so I read literally any fanfiction as long as its not too cringy
DatBoiDaryl DatBoiDaryl Nov 16, 2016
i also liked timid as well so your 12 year old self was v creative but make a Maggie fanfic (:
Brxstol Brxstol Jun 23, 2016
@Blizzabelle do you actually think people give a flying shìt about what you think? please leave k