The Rivalry(Collab)

The Rivalry(Collab)

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#241- pain (26-5-18)

This is a collab between me(AnonymousMe91) and my dearest friend Aimmy(AimmyB)
  Raizadas and Guptas are rivals for years.
  What happens when son of Raizadas fall in love with the Gupta girl or vice versa?
  Will their love win or the hate between the two families?
  Will history repeats itself again?



He hadn't said anything but she knew now.

He wanted to carry on the legacy of the rivalry between Gupta and Raizada.

That's why he was always mean to her in those days.

But what about the last month?

Whatever they shared was it a facade as well or did it mean something to him too?

She sobbed silently  not knowing what to believe and what not to.

Hearing the footsteps she quickly turned and leaned against the wall holding her breaths and sobs as they walked out of the room and the last one who exited was HIM.

She stared at his back feeling betrayed like never before.

Arvind and Rahul walked ahead while Arnav stopped in the middle of the corridor feeling his chest tightening.

Khushi whimpered as he stopped and she covered her mouth with her palm as more tears streamed down making it unbearable for her to keep up the silence and then he turned.

Arnav turned as his sixth sense warned him of something bad and as his eyes met her moist ones, his heart skipped a beat.

Someone squeezed his heart painfully as she removed her hand from her mouth and let out a sob.

Hazel eyes full of accusation met his brown guilty ones and she read the remaining truth there in his eyes.

He was a Raizada. A real one at that and tonight he proved her just that.


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