Ultimatuum  Book I - Signs of Magic

Ultimatuum Book I - Signs of Magic

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Alemehtais By Hunter_Yonk Updated Mar 02

"Heroes and Villains live among us and secretly plan to destroy us! Don't believe the lies people in power have told. When you expect less... they will end our world! Villains are the Heroes' doing. And Heroes are a mistake.
You have been warned." 

~concerned citizen

  *** SUMMARY***
        ROSE is pretty sure she belongs nowhere. She might come from a long line of secret agents who have sworn to protect humans from the species who abuse their magical abilities, but how can she pretend she's on their side, when her secret threatens the planet's own existence?
        TYLER has been living in a world of power, lies and mischief his whole life. And when he finally gets a second chance to prove himself, despite all odds, will he be able to change his destiny? And if so, with what cost?
        One has been hiding, but has to face up to the reality.
        One has been living in the middle of the action and has to go undercover.
        And when their lives mistakenly collide... there is no going back. The future will be set, the final battle will arrive and their lives, changed.


"An urban-fantasy world trapped into impossible romance and innevitable action."
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randomgaykid randomgaykid Sep 10, 2017
I am judging your book and cannot wait to read! Good to see some real effort put into covers. Very original. I'll make sure to put in a good word.
Sheilaroug17 Sheilaroug17 Jul 12, 2017
Well, I am sure you will succeed 😉
                              Just, like we say in Italy "give time to time" 😄😄😄
While I'm not a whovian, while reading the summary I immediately thought of Rose Tyler, one of the Doctor's companions (the way you have them in allcaps)
Hunter_Yonk Hunter_Yonk Jul 12, 2017
Thank you 😅❤ "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time" 😄😄😆
Sheilaroug17 Sheilaroug17 Jul 12, 2017
                              You're welcomeee 😄
                              Ps: to tag someone you need to put the little "snail" symbol ( like that: @Sheilaroug17 @Hunter_Yonk ) 😉
honeysinha honeysinha Sep 25, 2017
I was the same. Then I finally came up with an idea and gave a shot and wrote my first book with the help of my friends. :) Don't worry you'll succeed this time. :)