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Forever is a Long Time . . . (A Frank Iero and My Chemical Romance Fan-Fiction)

Forever is a Long Time . . . (A Frank Iero and My Chemical Romance Fan-Fiction)

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stevie By NicholeUnfiltered Completed

Summary: Frank and Paige have known each other practically their whole lives. They went to preschool together, spent weekends at each other's houses, and were always seen as brother and sister. They were as close as two friends could ever be. But no matter how close they were, there was one thing that Paige could never tell Frank; she was in love with him.     "Even though he was my best friend and I felt like I could tell him anything, there would always be one thing about me that Frank would never know."     I already have this posted on, but I figured I might as well post it here too.

When we were young we used to say
                              That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break.
                              Now we are the kids from yesterday.
*chokes on air* I didn't know Mikey worked at Barnes & Nobles
                              one of us one of us onE OF US ONE OF US
                              *breathes aggressively*
DoubleDare- DoubleDare- Jan 07
I only had them for 18 months. I was supposed to have them for 3 years.
i'm red head with green eyes and my mum has platinum blonde hair and my dad did too(he's going grey) but my brother has dark brown
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