Royale (Book #1 Royale Series)

Royale (Book #1 Royale Series)

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It's not about telling the's knowing which lies to tell

Juliana Renée Clairborne has always known that she doesn't belong to the parents that she was raised by. She came to terms with that a long time ago. But sometimes, she can't help but wonder where she belongs or who she belongs to. What she doesn't know is, is that there are secrets and lies hidden inside the palace walls that she was raised in, and it won't be long before one by one, these secrets are revealed. The thing about secrets is, they're called "secrets" for a reason. Some were just meant to stay hidden.

Raised by the King and Queen of Albion, it is Juliana's duty to marry Prince Aspen of Isola and rule beside him as King and Queen of their kingdom. Juliana knew that trying to fall in love with Aspen wasn't going to be a fairy tale. What she didn't expect...was a battlefield. 

The walls of the palace always seemed like a safe haven for Juliana, but now she starts to question everything she has ever been told. As she gets ready to face marriage, secrets, lies, fate, and betrayal, she comes to realize that maybe her head isn't quite big enough for a crown.

  • betrayal
  • engagement
  • king
  • love
  • palace
  • prince
  • princess
  • queen
  • romance
  • royal
  • royale
_onism _onism Sep 28, 2017
Ok, the first sentence sounds right, the second makes on sense and I think you use the conjunction contrary wrong
crazypuffygirl crazypuffygirl Oct 17, 2016
Albion 😍 All I can think is Merlin 💕💕 AND OMG I WAS ABOUT TO PUT THAT PLACE ON MY STORY AS WELL 😂
Purplepeacesign3 Purplepeacesign3 Jul 04, 2016
There's always time,"Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early."
Rosalind_dSC Rosalind_dSC Aug 24, 2015
I don't know why but some parts of this story reminds me of The Selection.
Wicked4evermore Wicked4evermore Oct 01, 2014
I do love how realistic this is, sadly on the track we're going such a future is pretty likely.
stupid_girls_ stupid_girls_ Sep 27, 2014
You got talent girl! I'll definitely be checking out more of this story.
                              By the way, I love your cast :)