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HeyoKameyo By HeyoKameyo Updated Aug 25, 2018

When I saw her the first time, she was sitting alone in a corner, sobbing quietly. Students on their way to the next classroom walked past her, not noticing her or laughing quietly. But noone stopped, asked what happened. I've never seen someone like her... she looked so sad, so fragile, so vulnerable... so beautiful. Her long, dark brown hair fell down smoothly over her slim body, only slightly curled in the end. Some strands kept falling over her face, just to be occasionally removed by a small, shaking hand. The dark blue school uniform with the light grey skirt looked good at her, even tho it was still too big for her and made her look even thinner.

I felt heartbroken. Whatever made this beautiful, small girl cry, I wanted to make it better. I wanted to see her smiling, hear her laughing... she sobbed again, which made her whole body shook, and I walked to her.

"Hey... what happened to you?" I asked, looking at her concerned. She looked up with her big, silver eyes clouded by tears, and she loked at me so fearfull as if she worried I'd beat her up or yell at her. So I smiled softly and asked "Can I help you somehow?"

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