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ToralTailor By ToralTailor Updated Aug 06, 2015

"I, Derek Black reject you-what's your name?" he asked once my guards had left us alone in the room. Mr Sexy or should I say, Mr Black walked up to me and pushed me against the wall with his hands on my arms.   "Rose Fucking Hathaway," I said with a smirk.   He just raised his eyebrows at me. "No, seriously, it is," I said in the most sweet voice I had.   "I, Derek Black reject you, Rose Fucking Hathaway."  "I, Rose Fucking Hathaway, accept your rejection," I said.   His hands on my arms loosened and he looked confused. "What? Your not going to beg or cry for me not to reject you?"  I sighed. Stupid wolves. Stupid Alpha. "Is it gonna change your mind?" I asked.   "No."  "Then there's no point in doing it. Plus, begging and crying for you to accept me is soo not my thing."  "But, I don't get it. I'm your ma-" mr sexy-I mean, Derek said before I nicely cut in.   "Mate? not anymore, dipshit. You rejected me and I just accepted your rejection, so, technically, I'm not your mate anymore. I'm single and ready to mingle," I said wriggling my eyebrows, but carried on anyway. "Well, it was great to meet you, now I better get going. Don't want to be late," I said opening the door and walking away while swaying my hips teasingly.   As my two hunk a meat guards flanked my sides, I heard a low possessive growl coming from Derek.    *********  The moon goddess daughter is sent to school to teach and learn how wolves and teenagers interact together. When Rose-the badass English teacher mets her mate and gets rejected, she feels as though her mother is punishing by getting rejected by her dumbass mr sexy, but what does she care? She's immortal, a goddess and single ready to mingle.

Lemme guess the other guard is named Dean and they're brothers
deadmelody290 deadmelody290 Feb 21, 2016
That's basicly a quote from my fair lady ! Please tell me you've watched it too 😇
CrazyFocker_ CrazyFocker_ May 30, 2016
Seeing Nina dobrev in the cover and being a huge fan of vampire diaries, this totally reminds me of that feisty Katherine Pierce or Elena Gilbert's humanity switched off. Omg this is totally freaking amazing. Im already in love with the story <3
ScarredNight ScarredNight Mar 13, 2016
Dayummmmmmmmm literally listening to My House by Flo Rida and I thought it fit perfect if Rose was like 'Welcome to my house' 😂😂🔥
FloraDesire FloraDesire Dec 10, 2015
wow. i love the description. this girl is my ideal now. i want to be like her BADASS!
CapnKat CapnKat Nov 29, 2015
I was so confused when I read the summary because Rose Hathaway is the main characters name in the Vampire Academy series  Plus this Rose fits VA Rose.