When Best Friends Kiss (Complete✔)

When Best Friends Kiss (Complete✔)

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Lena Mano By Lena-Presents Completed

Alex Camejo and Liam Santos have been thick as thieves since they met at age seven. As the years pass, Liam is always there to protect Alex from bullies. Alex is constantly denying that what the bullies say is true---he's not gay no matter how "girly" he seems... or how much he longs to hold Liam's hand. Alex will do anything, even change himself, to stay with his best friend. And Liam will do anything to ensure Alex's safety and place by his side.
  But a drunken kiss tears everything down. The inseparable Liam Santos and Alex Camejo, who were each other's "ribs," can no longer be friends.
  Without each other's support, they must overcome the struggles of adolescence, coming out, new lovers, self-doubt, and lingering emotions. One hopes he will forget his ex-best friend, moving on to find happiness. The other hopes they will one day reunite and be happy together. However, in the end, only one person's hopes can be fulfilled.


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Cover Photo: Photographer - Miguel Arenillas, Model - Tyrone Smithers

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sujirbooboo sujirbooboo 4 days ago
I am a lesbian and i dont know how to tell my parents cause they are control freaks and they believe that people that like the same sex should die i need help
KristinaMilic2 KristinaMilic2 3 days ago
Does someone know, if there are any mistakes, concerning the English language?
gymabc gymabc Nov 29
I think he also put a crack in your skull if you hit you head on the door frame