Adventures of Prehalia (Completed) I #Wattys2017

Adventures of Prehalia (Completed) I #Wattys2017

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IN THE COUNTRY OF PREHALIA, everybody has a place, but the choice is never your own. People are born with nine lives and each one they lose is an indication of them being pushed down the hierarchy until there's nowhere to go anymore...

Keelian Samuels, also known as Keely, used to be a popular girl in her school in Pretorium, which happens to be the most prestigious city of the nine of them, but something unexpected happens and the eighteen year old finds herself in-between madness and money, love and hate, faith and suspicion. What can she do to protect the people she loves and still come out alive? Will she be able to mend what she has broken and settle once and for all her problems, turning a new page in her life? 

A story about a young woman who has to take care of her family and avoid slipping on the thin ice that human relationships are. Where will her adventures take her? You will soon find out...
"Find yourself a better hobby than stalking me and my family. I heard chess is popular amongst rich people and freaks." I prop my head against the uncomfortable chair and look up at the ceiling, "How convenient that you're both."
He decides to ignore the joke altogether as he goes and grabs another bottle of wine. I roll my eyes.
It will be a long night.



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