Behind Bars (Complete) -EDITING

Behind Bars (Complete) -EDITING

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Savanna Leigh By Redwriter3 Completed

Ophelia is the smartest girl you'll meet in DC. She graduated high school at 12, and finished college at 14. Her past is a complete secret to everyone around her. The only thing people know is that her parents apparently died when she was 10. Now, at 16, her latest foster father is a guard at the boy's juvenile center, and he's gotten her a job teaching a class to a group of boys. Being a 16-year-old teacher to a bunch of boys in Juvie doesn't sound so hard, right?

Eli was put in Juvie at 14 for a crime he didn't commit, stuck with a sentence that leaves him in jail until he's well into his 60's. But that doesn't stop them from making him take an English class. 

These two find themselves getting closer, and Ophelia is determined to clear Eli's name and find the real criminal. Her past comes in handy every once in a while. But will her help alone be enough?

--Readers, please be patient as we put this book through the editing process. Check back to see the changes, and hang in there as we prepare to publish! :)