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Sometimes being haunted isn't always a bad thing... as long as you can survive it.

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You commenters are too hard up. So what if people are saying they want a gay best friend? It's a compliment to shut up and sit down 🙄
_sympathyforthedevil _sympathyforthedevil Nov 09, 2016
                              ENTER NIGHT
                              TAAAAAAKE MY HAAAAAAAAND
                              OFF TO NEVER NEVER LAND
enidiumel enidiumel Nov 08, 2016
Ice-cold tea.
                              That's iced tea.
                              I just discovered somethin...
squidgy_carlile4 squidgy_carlile4 Apr 17, 2016
Oh my god looks like there will be a panic! at the house. Anybody? No? K.
faithlanewest faithlanewest Jan 14, 2016
i am so excited to read this book but also scared  you did a good job scaring me and keep up the good work
brunesque brunesque Nov 10, 2015
Last line is soo creepy omg. The house waiting for her to buy it?!? Omg