Rejection in Faze

Rejection in Faze

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stel By MyInfinites Updated May 03, 2014

"So what? What would you do?" My voice was so small.           

Just get this over with.            

"I, Mason Grey reject you, Faze Williams as my mate and future luna."           

"I accept your rejection."I managed to choke out before I bolted out of school.                                                                                          


Faze wasn't the most attractive girl around.      

She had been bullied by everyone, even her own brother. What's worst is having a hot sister that treats her like shit.     Well, did they get punished? No.        

They treats her like an angel in front of their parents. Great life huh?                

Insert Mason Grey, handsome, charming and next in line for alpha.        

Well, and also a huge player.      

Just as faze thought her life couldn't get worst, it did. Her mate turns out to be Mason. And of course, rejection came.           Hurt, she ran off into the woods, swearing to never return to the hellhole. And in the woods, something unexpected happened...

r5lovesme r5lovesme May 26, 2017
Omg I love the band The Pretty Reckless also Faze is the lead singer of the band The Pretty Reckless
fracktion fracktion Jul 13, 2016
Nothing you motherfuckiñg ungrateful pig you heard nothin nothin at all but if you did hear something it was look who's talking
WolfieSalsha101 WolfieSalsha101 Jan 28, 2017
I have now started this book and I already want to kill them
hesitantwords hesitantwords Feb 22, 2016
She said, ' Look who's talking.'  I can repeat it for you again in case you've gone deaf too.
Deleted16060 Deleted16060 Dec 18, 2015
I've got a feeling that the daughter is Faze. I think she's adopted or somma...
Mlorenzo2001 Mlorenzo2001 Jun 25, 2014
I like it so far. The fact that you are dropping hints and clues to her past. It moves the story along very well