Rain: A Twilight/Percy Jackson Crossover

Rain: A Twilight/Percy Jackson Crossover

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Oh_look_a_wall By teardrops_like_rain Updated Jul 31, 2018

Right after the Giant War, Annabeth decides to take a small break from her life as a demigod and go all on her own to live with her step-uncle Charlie Swan and his daughter, Isabella. She doesn't know either of them very well, and Percy won't be able to join her for about a week because of some mess made at Camp Half-Blood right after she left. Not only that, but Annabeth can tell that there's something different, inhuman, even, about her step cousin's creepy boyfriend and best friend, who seems totally obsessed with Annbeth. (Don't worry, it's still Percabeth, as always.) 

When Percy shows up, how will he react to Annabeth's stalker? (Again, don't worry, I'm pretty sure it's not considered a love triangle if the object of affection hates the guts of and is totally creeped out by one of the guys.) On top of that, vampires and shape-shifters make their appearance next to the normal, everyday Greek monsters. 

When will Annabeth finally get a break? 

Set post Blood of Olympus and during Eclipse. 

DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. I own NOTHING.

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