Protégée (George Weasley)

Protégée (George Weasley)

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"I want you to teach me."

"Teach you?" George repeated, incredulously, "Your parents are literally Quidditch royalty. I don't need to teach you."

"Yes you do. Like you said, my parents, not me. So I want you to teach me, take me under your wing as your protégée."

Elisabeth Branson never got along with her parents, two spontaneous role models of the Quidditch industry who are too immersed in their own careers. All they wanted for her was to embrace the stature built around their family name, and all she wanted was to scramble as far away from it as possible. 

But like any other child, who yearns a stable relationship with their parents, she tries to succeed when she is unexpectedly shoved in to the said spotlight of Quidditch glory. With this, she seeks the help of the infamous Weasley twins.

And one of them caught her emotions completely off guard.