Temporarily His

Temporarily His

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He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family.

"Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry." Is what Blaze's Grandmother told him. She also told him that he wasn't getting his Father's company without having a girl to spend the rest of his life with, and that's where Sage fits in. Sage was a lower middle class girl, who was helping her mother pay the bills, when she sudden loses her job, she has nowhere to turn to, but I guess that's where Blaze comes in.

I hope that you laugh, are frustrated, and fall in love with them.*Not Edited*

_xoxo14_ _xoxo14_ Aug 05
lol my blind self needs my glasses. i have contacts but i prefer just wearing my glasses
thank god *knock wood cuz i don't have any wood around me* and bless the lord my grandparents are still alive and i hope they'll stay alive to see all their grandkids grow up to be something amazing 🙏🏾
Hibosoreos Hibosoreos Aug 10
My mom was she wants me to get married at the 20 I was like hecks no maybe 27 😂😂😂😂
I knew that the moment I clicked on the comments Sherlock comments would pop up everywhere 😁😂
FavUpClubKick FavUpClubKick 7 days ago
Shiiiiiitttt my great grandma 97 and still living 😐  you good baby 👌👌 maybe.....
U_Uwhatever U_Uwhatever Jul 15
My great grandma died at 112 😐😐 though my grandma died at 62 😕