Temporarily His

Temporarily His

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He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family.

"Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry." Is what Blaze's Grandmother told him. She also told him that he wasn't getting his Father's company without having a girl to spend the rest of his life with, and that's where Sage fits in. Sage was a lower middle class girl, who was helping her mother pay the bills, when she sudden loses her job, she has nowhere to turn to, but I guess that's where Blaze comes in.

I hope that you laugh, are frustrated, and fall in love with them.*Not Edited*

Emily7F Emily7F Nov 25, 2016
Don't be a fool by Shawn Mendes is such a good song for tthus book
Dean: Can I shoot her?
                              Sam: Not in public
                              I'm Dean and my conscious is Sam
I read this book a while ago and it didn't stay in my archive, I forgot the name and couldn't find it. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ IT AGAIN
BoRiNg_AF BoRiNg_AF Dec 16, 2016
I absolutely LOVED this novel and I prefer it over many world-wide published novels. You are a spectacular, talented writer.
shoeaddictxo shoeaddictxo Nov 02, 2016
This is so unrealistic tho , IRL this would never happen 😂
Kyra2104 Kyra2104 Nov 04, 2016
Bro. This is me when I'm older. For sure. No question. Grams not him. Fist bump 👊 thx friend. You're nice. I like you. You're my new bff. I love you.