The Werewolf King's Vampire Queen ✔

The Werewolf King's Vampire Queen ✔

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THIS BOOK IS JUST A DRAFT. I am uploading this only because of the many reader requests I received. There will be many grammar, punctuation and tense switches. You are continuing at your own risk. If you are a new reader, I suggest you read LYCAN'S BLOOD QUEEN which is the edited and rewritten version of this.

Aaron George Randolph, the ruling King of the Lycans is hell bent on revenge for his mother's brutal death at the hands of the vile vampires. He bans any vampires, witches or warlocks from his kingdom and those who dares trespassing is punished severely or worse killed. 
      What happens when an innocent human female ventures into his territory unknowingly? And that female happens to be the very evil Aaron despises so much. 
      Mia is an orphan and is taken into the custody when Aaron learns about her trespassing. When he meets her, he is enthralled by her beauty and innocence, yet at the same time confused for even feeling attracted towards his mortal enemy. What will he do? Is Mia really an innocent like she seems to be?
      Read this story to find out.
                                    Cover by @HermyneKhaling
                                    Developmental Editor - Brett Hicks
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cycaitlin cycaitlin Jul 10
Goodness u can't stop smiling 
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Hey.... its so much different..... cant wait to read till the end.... the new version is awesome... let see how good the old version is... it captives my eyes already..