Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Completed!]

Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Completed!]

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Anohi is a world divided by hate; a world which Ithemia, a human girl taken from Earth, knows little about until she meets Aferilon, the determined leader of a small band of rebels, who makes her question all that she knew about herself and the world she was brought into.
Unite is a high fantasy novel set in the fictional world of Anohi, mixing humour and serious tones with a little bit of romance and lots of adventure!

Contests and Awards:
Grand Winner - the Phantom Awards
1st Place in Fantasy - the Phantom Awards
1st Place in Fantasy - the Titan Awards
3rd Place in Fantasy - the Wolf Awards

Best World Building - the Titan Awards
Best Grammar - the Titan Awards
2nd Place in 'Monstrous Mistress' - the Winter Solstice Awards

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AuthorJMColes AuthorJMColes Nov 15, 2017
Dang girl ! I've heard of run on sentences ROS, but run on chapters ??
                              Hahahaha! Joking ! 
                              I write my book in standard American publishing format so now I have to re-format chapters into smaller ones at the appropriate point 
                              Interesting method you have
avadel avadel Dec 03, 2017
I love this author's note. It's so polite and professional, yet friendly at the same time. I've been turned off by author's notes on WattPad more than once, and but instead, this one excited me for the story ahead. (=
BAGabrielle BAGabrielle Jan 16
Thank you for making it easier to read. I sometimes have little time to read and hate stopping in the middle, so this really saves me a lot of time!
jennalca jennalca Sep 28, 2017
Aw man, the book cover is absolutely stunning! Props to the creator. And the names of these characters are so wonderfully unique, too. Love it. Anyways I can't wait to delve into this universe :-)
yakumi123 yakumi123 Dec 08, 2017
I never really thought about that, I'm going to be reading your book constantly looking for spelling differences now.
GabrielKamau GabrielKamau Sep 14, 2017
I liked your story continue in the same spirit,Would also like you to read my book titled 'Heroes,Magic and Fate' I would like your view