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Alisha By MissTigress Updated Sep 29

"Come on, you dickfuck!" I screech as I'm held back, legs kicking in the air like a wild horse rearing.

Kaleb scoffs indifferently. "What the hell are you gonna do? Give me a wedgie?" 

"I'll skin you alive with a cheese grater, you asshole! That's what I'm gonna do!" 

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Welp, there goes the last of my childhood. Not that I had much left anyway😐
Ahh, I've missed reading this book over and over again now it's back😈and I can continue to waste my life reading this piece of art😏
BlahBloopish BlahBloopish 6 days ago
Dude,  my sweat is holy water. I am untouchable lol.😂💦😂💦
glitter_xox glitter_xox May 01
Best warning ever😂😂 I think I'm going to lose my innocence in this book🙈😂😂
When are you finally going to finish this book?  I wish you had kept the first version up since you're not finishing this one.
lgm21mg lgm21mg Oct 01
idk why u took down the whole book but many readers would really love it if you put it online just to have while u update at ur own pace:)))