Im the worst wolf in the pack and im the alphas daughter

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Alexis:) By AlexisMurieDiamond Updated 3 years ago
Ava is a small girl that is used to pain.he dad and Mom asr Mason and Rose.She has always been a  bad girl and wonders why does everybody treat her with respect when she is mean to them.She cans since fear from her mom and dad w=ounce they get threat letters.She segulety reads them sayin"Thye were getting ther rightfull mate and will still Rose Ava,Zeke and Zach(Twin brothers) but one night changes everything.She becomes strong but goes week when her mate rejects her.Read and find out more BUT READ I am mated to the alphas son other known as my best friend   first
please,if you don't mind, put your spell check on or fix your errors.
stop writing if you busy to edited because this is horrible.
i thought this was going to be good, but i can understand anything you are writing, do you have your spell check on, or get an editor to help you write!
you should really fix your grammar then the story would be perfect :)