Unpredictable Love

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Chanel & Joelle By CanadaLoves1DEh9 Completed
Jayden is in her last year of High School in Ireland. She loves One Direction like many girls and has hopes and dreams to see them and maybe even meet them. When Jayden hears that the boys are playing a show in Dublin it becomes Jayden's goal to get tickets to see them. After the disapointment of not getting them, Jayden is quite bummed about it. She enters contests and does everything she can to see them but it just isn't working out. Jayden gets to see them but how? This is Jayden's unpredictable life and love story but it all turns out right after time.
I really like your idea ! It's not just like the 100 other : a girl group is going to xfactor - or something fanfictions. I like that you thouhgt of a different thing :) I like your writing style and the content is really good too, I have just read the first chapter by now, but I will continue later on, because I'm off to sleep now ( yep, in germany its 23:11 and I have school tomorrow :D ) I hope you understood everything i wrote, sorry for my bad english :)