A Lot Like Redemption [Rewriting]

A Lot Like Redemption [Rewriting]

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W H I T N E Y By wheadee Completed

Arlington High Book One

Freshly on probation, seventeen-year-old Guillermo Lopez has one shot at redeeming himself in the eyes of the state along with his parents. With a violent past, Guillermo isn't certain of a colorful future too much with the constant reproach he sees in his father's eyes. When he meets Regan London, a gentle girl who doesn't care to judge him, he begins to feel a small sense of hope.

       Regan is no stranger to pressure. With her father constantly pushing her to study to be an accountant, she knows a thing or two about living up to an image. Not to mention, there's her boyfriend who is ready to take things further in more ways than one. All Regan wants is some space and freedom, and when she meets Guillermo, the only person who isn't asking her for anything, finds herself at peace with him.
       The last thing Guillermo wants is to repeat history, even if it seems like Regan is unhappy with her needy boyfriend and pushy father. Avoiding Regan should be easy. Although when issues arise in Regan's life, Guillermo's the one she goes to, and despite his checkered past, Regan doesn't look at him like a monster. Showing his parents he's changed is Guillermo's ultimate goal, but when it comes to Regan, it seems like her heart's crying out for him. Now Guillermo must decide if he's playing prince charming or if he's about to screw-up yet again.

KelsiiJ KelsiiJ Aug 20
I appreciate your craft. Helping me remember why I love reading and wring in the first place the art.
Yung_JoJo Yung_JoJo Feb 08
Man his dad ruined him. His speaking bad about himself is terrible
caupouri caupouri Oct 05, 2016
Translation please? Lol struggles real when you only studied Polynesian languages in high school
Yung_JoJo Yung_JoJo Feb 08
See and parents wanna call kids lazy but when we do try to help they don't want us to
Nichelle_loves Nichelle_loves Oct 25, 2016
I hope you write Aubrey's book. I can relate to her so much and I want to know her story.
CelaenaSlay CelaenaSlay Oct 28, 2016
I have vietnamese, turkish and czech friends and it is actually quite annoying. I usually don't think that they're talking about me but it feels like they don't want me to talk to them