Harry Potter: Living Through Love

Harry Potter: Living Through Love

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Fanfic, H/Hr:Two girls, Harry had to eventually pick one. Weasley or Granger?

(A/N: Don't judge the book by its cover because if you do you will never get to see if a great piece of work is hiding behind it. Please don't judge my story because I *suck* at Photoshop)

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is devastated by the loss of great friends who fought bravely at his side. He tries to avoid the Weasley clan, a family so close to him because of his friendship with Ron Weasley.

Going back to about a year ago, Harry started a relationship with Ginny, the youngest child of Molly and Arthur. She had a crush on Harry since they first met in the first book of the series. However, he shortly breaks up with her for her safety. While away on the hunt for Horcruxes, however, Harry worries about her safety in Hogwarts, shown by him checking her dot on the Marauder's Map. 

However, Hermione Granger notices this. She had fallen in love with Harry-everything from his jet black hair to emerald eyes. She had imagined Harry  standing with her in Platform Nine and Three-Quarters with her own children.

Harry eventually has to pick one of the two women. Who will prevail, Ginny or Hermione?

(I do not own any characters from "Harry Potter" and J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. I only own the plot here )
(A/N: This is an alternate universe, so Harry's parents, Lupin and Snape would be alive.)

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