Alpha Conall

Alpha Conall

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'Are you listening to me?' 

I jump up, as far as I am able to and my attention is with him again 'What is your name?' I slowly ask him.

 'My name is not important to you because you will call me alpha, understood?' 

'Yes, I understand' I quickly say, before he gets mad and he beats me. 

I don't ever want to be abused again, so I will just have to do everything he says. 

'Now the rules. 1. Don't ever call me by my name, like I said, it's alpha for you. 2. You will stay the f*ck away from me and live in your room. Am I clear?' 

Wow he really does hate me, doesn't he? 

'Yes,' I quickly say.

 'Yes, what?' 

'Yes, Alpha.'    


She is broken to despair...

He does not have a heart, or at least that is what they say...

She has given up on life...

His life is yet to begin...

What will happen when the two meet? 

Fighting, loneliness and sparks... And you know? Where sparks are is fire, a fire so hot that it burns through the deepest of souls. 

Warning: contains triggering topics

  • abused
  • abusive
  • alpha
  • death
  • depressed
  • father
  • forced
  • hospital
  • mate
  • possessive
  • soulmate
  • suicidal
  • werewolf