The darkness of fire

The darkness of fire

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Luna By Darklunaaaa Updated Jul 08

Previously know as "the bad girl and the bad boy"

Meet Sapphire Moore,she's not your typical slut or nerd. She's more of a badass if that's what you want to call it, some people may say she's insane. She will kill anyone with out feeling redemption. She's sassy and sarcastic but when she wants she'll be a soulless bitch.She loves going it to parts and getting wasted or high, she doesn't keep all the fun to her self though, oh no no no, she's either by the side of her twin sister or her two other friends. 

 Now meet Elijah Martin. Elijah's kinda like a male version of Sapphire. He's keeps himself and his emotions stored away better then sapphire. When he's around friends he's sarcastic, the only people who really know him are his 4 best friend and his twin sister who happens to be sapphires best friend.

Read and find out what will happen.

Elijah Martin
Valentine Martin 
Sapphire D'Angelo
Sage D'Angelo
Matteo de Acosta 
Giovani de Acosta 
Kendra Jackson's 
Issac Taylor 
Luca Lombardi
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