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I Am the Pasta Queen (Creepypasta Fan Fiction)

I Am the Pasta Queen (Creepypasta Fan Fiction)

167K Reads 7.3K Votes 26 Part Story
Dani/Cinder By dazzlingAurora Completed

Scarlett Madison is the average teenaged fangirl. She's obsessed with Internet stories known as Creepypasta. She runs a blog that is fairly popular even though she has almost no friends. Her life is completely normal. That is until Jeff the Killer sneaks into her room and finds out she can see him without the effects of Creepy Gas (a special gas that makes mortals see the pastas).

Jeff brings her to the place of the pastas, the Pasta Palace, and soon finds out that she's surprisingly comfortable in the Palace-almost as if she's lived there her whole life. A question arises in the minds of the pasta and they wonder...

Is she a Creepypasta herself? 

(( DISCLAIMER: I own none of this characters and I don't know of who does. These 'Creepypasta's formed on the Internet and some of their author's are unknown. I do, however, own Scarlett and the things I have created with my mind. COVER MADE MY: Myself~ ))

***ENTERED IN THE CREEPYPASTA AWARDS. More info at @CreepyPasta_Awards ***

Jeff: unlike what most people think, Hell is ice cold.
                              Her: oh
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Jan 19
Exotic butters
                              When you watch Skydoesminecraft and Markiplier
Everyone is going crazy over the chicken strips while i have a watering mouth over the mashed potatoes
He is like "i came here to have a good time and i'm honnesly feeling so attacked right now"
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jan 29
*Jeff appears round the corner*
                              Jeff: Go to sleep!
                              Me: Sure *sleeps*
                              Jeff: Dafuq?!
I just fall asleep in what im wearing most of the time i practally wear the same set of clothes for days if i dont have to go some where