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Midterm Madness (manxman) Short Story

Midterm Madness (manxman) Short Story

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Dianna B. By ladydianna01 Completed

Brian Lerner and Noah Carter have been best friends since conception. They grew up together, come out to each other. And they have lived and laughed through it all. That was up until they both went off to college. Both deciding to attend their parents Alma Mater, an Ivy League University where Noah chose Law and Brian chose Medicine.
Noah is the typical Jock, big and strong. Sexy as sin and much sought after by both men and women. Of which he didn't have a problem with, because he was Bi sexual. He had the brains and the body and the personality to control every facet of his life. That was until his best friend threw him for a curve. And feelings that he hadn't realized was even there bubbled to the surface and the alpha male in him demanded that he top the hell out of his cute little friend and made him his once and for all.
Brian was the typical good boy; he had the brains but not the brawn. He claim to fame was academic. He was slender and pretty, although he didn't seem to think so. And he has been in love with his best friend forever. He never let Noah know for he was sure his love would not be returned. As they matured and he came to understand that Noah was getting into the BDSM lifestyle, he thought that it would turn him off, but it only made him want the man more. Years of sexual tension along with the stress of their midterm exams made things come to head one eventful night. Read to see what transpired between the two best friends and if the aftermath left them happily ever after or drifting apart.

Smut_Ruler Smut_Ruler May 27, 2016
Awe, man sometimes I read your stories and I feel so bad for the characters because it just feels like it would suck and you would think he would at least sound proof his room for the other's sake.
_69ShadesOfGay _69ShadesOfGay May 04, 2016
He went from studying books and review packets to studying his best friend's marble body.
K-Kavity K-Kavity Feb 04, 2016
Wow!!!! They was so beautiful that Wattpad put there logo on them!!!!
XxmimaexX XxmimaexX Nov 15, 2015
*eyes widen* OKAY...YOU ENJOY DOING THAT.... *runs away clutching nose*
- - Nov 05, 2015
oh my gosh. that man...........I would definitely love to meet him in a soundproof room
MINMA27250 MINMA27250 Oct 23, 2015
There is no way he's 6'5" of pure muscle and only 230lbs none whatsoever.