Fire, Ice and Me - A Twisted Twilight Story!

Fire, Ice and Me - A Twisted Twilight Story!

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Pratibha By inluvwidEdward Updated Jan 15, 2012

For Bella Swan, it all began with a choice. But when that choice is taken away from her by none other than the man she loved what’s she to do?
Will she be able to forgive and forget or will Bella choose to live a new life with the man who stayed by her side throughout.

But new circumstances arise that force her into making the hardest choice of all and this one will prove the most life altering of all, because this time it’s not just her own life on line, but the life of that one person she loves more than anyone in the world.

inluvwidEdward bring you another fan-fiction of the bestselling Twilight Series. The characters are owned by Stephanie Meyer.

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Immortal_Forever31 Immortal_Forever31 May 15, 2011
Oh wow he made love to her and then not long he left her. I feel real sorry for her now. Well i am looking foward to read more and see what will happen. Your a good writer.
tiamin tiamin Jan 30, 2011
@inluvwidEdward yeah, well m the soul of diplomacy. gosh(!) prats, m turning into a shrew.
inluvwidEdward inluvwidEdward Jan 30, 2011
@tiamin haha thats a very nice putdown my friend! i'm surprised at ur diplomacy :D that "hv a nyc day" in the end really made all the difference :D
tiamin tiamin Jan 30, 2011
@Madeleine um... it a FANFIC... if you wanna read d same story go get a paperback! 
                              hv a nyc day! :)
inluvwidEdward inluvwidEdward Dec 24, 2010
@Madeleine yeah it is weird i know but i had to twist the story a bit to write it my way. sry if u don't like it :)
Because_I_Promise Because_I_Promise Oct 25, 2010
who cares abaut that? it still a brilliant story!
                              write soon more!
                              yeah my english is awful i know