She Needs Me

She Needs Me

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"Nope, no. Hell no. Sir please, I ain't tryna do this," Ember said, putting her hands together, pleading with Principal Christianson.  

"Ms. Sullivan, you will do this if you want to graduate," he replied sternly.  

"It's cool, Mr. C. I'on wanna work with her stuck-up ass anyway, " Tremaine replied with a snicker in his deep voice that Ember couldn't help but cut her eyes.  

"Who in the--" Ember began, but was cut off by Christianson.  

"Enough! Now the both of you will be working together, and that's final! Unless, you wouldn't mind attending CHS and finishing your high school careers there."  


Tremaine Michaels was so focused on football, he forgot the most important thing of all: His grades. They were decent, but he was failing miserably in Physics. He is forced to be with the person he likes and dislikes at the same time, Ember Sullivan. The stuck up, quiet, shy (sometimes) fat girl that is lame and definitely ain't being checked by nobody. Turns out, they are the complete opposite, but as the saying goes, opposites attract. She comes in his life and things seem to change for the better. It may seem as if he needs her, but in reality she needs him.

Cover by me (previous cover(s) by @honeeeb)

Same😞and its everyday. Good thing we only need one required p.e. class to graduate, cause im done.
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I was 14 going on 15 in the 9th 15 going on 16 in the 10th 16 going on 17 in 11th .. But it all depends on your birthday .
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Great choice! Alicias monologue is errthang! Plus background vocals were A1!
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I got pe  my 2nd bell I make sure I stay with deodorant soap and washcloth like no I won't be musty for the rest of the day not i
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Hey, I just wanted to know the status of this book if you don't mind.