(HIATUS) Shy Lil' Neko and His Crazy Master (bXb)

(HIATUS) Shy Lil' Neko and His Crazy Master (bXb)

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Kai By silverlite24 Updated Aug 19, 2015

*Matt's POV*

I awoke to realize that my arms were strapped above my head to Lucas's bed-frame. He was sitting at his desk, doing what seemed like drawing. Examinating the situation closer, I realized that...well... I only had my shorts and my boxers on. 

"L-Lucas?" I whispered, blushing, My furry grey tail twitching.

"Oh, Matt! You're awake." He answered.

"W-Why am I t-tied to your b-bed?" Wow. That sounded weak. But what can I say? I'm shy. Not to mention I was shirtless and tied to my "Master's" bed. IDK how I got there. 

"Because, I have chosen this day to be our first time!" He had the slyest smile plastered on his face.

"B-But, I'm not of a-age yet!!!"

"I know."

Okay, he's scaring me. "P-Please! Just w-wait a little l-longer!" My voice was very high now and my blonde/orange/purple bangs slid over my eyes, blocking my view.

"Sorry, not going to happen, Lil' Flame." Then He was on top of me, kissing my lips softly. My ears flattened and I moaned into the kiss, immediately r...

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dragona- dragona- Apr 22, 2017
Really I don't know why else would u be tied to yr masters bed u,mmmmmmm
Toby_Rames Toby_Rames May 09, 2017
I can't wait.  *Squirms*. Lol, "break"?!??!  Bruuhhh, I'm no dominant sort, but if a boy whined and told me he would "break" I don't think I'd give him much of a chance.... I woulda not stopped. 😂
Toby_Rames Toby_Rames May 09, 2017
YES. I DON'T KNOW WHAT EXACTLY THIS STORY IS, BUT I'VE BEEN IN HIS PLACE SO MANY TIMES.  it's scary and intriguing both at once...
Toby_Rames Toby_Rames Feb 16, 2017
Please check out my new stories "poor neko boi" and "Cody Rames isn't gay."
                              Two neko themed stories.
kay2020love kay2020love Aug 31, 2015
i have to admit that i love your story so far. Also i think that Matt is pretty cute. just by the way you described him.
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