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A story that has something to do about gangsters and a love story isn't out of the list. But how can each and every one of them can survive in this massive whirlwind challenge of life especially when their life is always surrounded and centered in gangs? Be still and strong, and join HER and all of them get through every obstacle that comes along their way and also death.

B O O K  2: Still Gangsters With Heart  ( S e q u e l  o f  A G H I A P )

~ N O  C O M P i L A T i O N S  &  S o f t  C o p i e s ~

This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents either are product of the writer's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2012 by Francel Julian - asdfghjkl_francel
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APRIL 01, 2012 ~ JUNE 23, 2012

Book cover made by veanya. Thanks Theresa! :x

#194 in Teen Fiction - March 3 2015

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mianhejollina mianhejollina Apr 15, 2016
litong lito na ko sa SAB haahahhahah  
                              ang saya ng family nila ^ ^
nicolejoyce_delacruz nicolejoyce_delacruz Aug 27, 2016
hoh grabe ang paghahanap ku sa watty nato finally i found it....
raine2005 raine2005 Apr 06, 2016
I really want that kind of a family (seriously.... pero hindi ko maiwasang matawa... hahhhahaha her mother is Over Reacting or Reactiong only...)
JailPrincess JailPrincess Jul 31, 2016
Ang hirap basahin kasi hiwa-hiwalay po ung mga word. Sorry po kung magtatampo o magagalit kayo pag-nabasa nyo to pero,edited na po ba talaga toh?o iiedit palang po?hiwa-hiwalay po kasi yung mga word ang hirap basahin.
JaMey_ChaN JaMey_ChaN Oct 16, 2016
Yieee Eto muna  basahin ko Ksi natatakot nakong basahin ung CLASS PICTURE yuckk nadidiri talaga ako ewww ksi ung chap na binasa ko is ung natangalan sya ng kuko tapos linagyan alcohol T_T eto muna tapusin ko bago ung CLASS PICTURE
ZackYuri ZackYuri Aug 18, 2016
wow ang astig tlga pag mayaman kau tpus may gang hayss ang saya