Top Secret ✔ (#WattyAwards2014)

Top Secret ✔ (#WattyAwards2014)

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Amelia Wang By jinwen2509 Completed

One summer. One job that would change her life. 

Arianna Winters signed up to become an amateur photographer for the most popular and juiciest gossip magazine, Top Secret. All has been going well, that is, before she's been given an unusual assignment.

It's just Colton Hanks, who's currently the most popular guy on Earth.

What seriously can go wrong?


Cover by the amazing Rebel (@shadednights)

Colton Hanks? Do you mean Colton Hayes? I agree he's hotter, but he's gay. So the chances basically nonexistent
Colton Haynes,  the Grayson Twins, Nick Batemann! I'm sorry, but all of these fine men are hotter than justin...
Bish.....Cameron Dallas is way HOTTER👌👌💗💗😘😘
fia_kay fia_kay Jun 23
I have always liked you ever since I stumbled upon His Queen and now I saw your cover photo on your profile, I think I like you 100x more now. Stone Cold! <3
                              I like the concept of your story, I'll be definitely reading it!
                              And Justin is hot but Colton is hotter. :D
Does she think that she has a chance? Yall been reading too much fanfiction
-horans -horans Dec 14, 2014
dear children,
                              you are both wrong. zAYN MALIK IS A FUCKIING SEX GOD AIGHT