Welcome To Camp

Welcome To Camp

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Hades Daughter By Pines_Twins_For_Life Updated Apr 12, 2018

**Currently my most read book**
Marco Diaz is Echo Creek's safe kid, until the fateful day where his crush, Jackie Lynn Thomas, harshly broke up with him. After the breakup, he was bullied to the point of him punching one bully in the face. This scene pushed his mom to make him go to the Camp For Troubled Kids summer camp, or CFTK, to bend him back into shape.

Princess Star Butterfly, interdimensional reckless teen, was given the Butterfly family wand on her fourteenth birthday. After accidentally burning part of Mewni, her kingdom, with her wand, her parents decided to send her to Earth to train. What better a place then CFTK summer camp?

When these two cross paths, what will happen? 

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I don't own SVTFOE. This is mostly STARCO. Only a small amount of Jantom.

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