Amazon Sunset

Amazon Sunset

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Marie Higgins By MarieHiggins Completed

The gift she never wanted...

Since Katrina Landon was a young girl, she has always had the gift of forewarnings. Usually this gift has never disrupted her life. Until now. The wealthy father she has never known wants to meet her, but she has to travel from the slums of London through the Amazon rainforest to his plantation in order to get an inheritance. But her premonitions are warning her of the dangers ahead. If only her gift could tell her more about the handsome guide, Mr. Knightly, who immediately stirs her temper...and her interest.

Felix Knightly isn't looking forward to escorting a spoiled rich girl through the jungle no matter how much her father pays. Yet when he meets her, he finds Katrina's distracting innocence and charming demeanor unsettling. He'd not certain what to think about the sudden forewarnings she keeps giving. He'd rather fight off the fire ants, howler monkeys, and crocodiles than risk losing his heart to her, since he's never met a wealthy woman who is honest.

As they delve deeper into the shadows of the rainforest, they discover they weren't just wrong about each other, they were wrong about the dangers of the jungle. Someone wants them dead and they have to find out who and why before it's too late.

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lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 17, 2017
".... familiar with jungles, ..." or "familiar with the jungle ...."
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 17, 2017
I know what you are trying to say, but 'waffle' in a conversation usually means empty and pretentious words are used. Perhaps 'wandered' might be better?
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 17, 2017
Do you perhaps mean 'admirable' not 'advantageous'? If not, then trying to make amends would be *to his advantage.
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 17, 2017
Maybe instead of 'Katrina' you should use 'she' as she's talking to herself  in the first part?
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 17, 2017
Perhaps "... 'enjoy' a life of wealth while we lived in squalor." would be better?
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Oct 17, 2017
She could picture a man standing in the thick jungle, with an odd dart being shot into his neck.  ?