Shadow Guy

Shadow Guy

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Rebbi By Auburn_Ivy Completed

Brie's life was never perfect, her parents died both in freak acedents leaving her alone with her strugling sister. Her school life was normal, nothing to brag about but when she met James it all changed. He was mysetrys and always walking out on her at different times. Brie was set out to find what was going on but what she finds out is more then she thought, it changes her life forever. She's meant for more, her life was meant for MORE. It isnt just her choses that effect the lives of the undead but her romance seems to take a different liking. 

A story about  love, friendship, life and choses. 

Will Brie fufill her destiny? Will she love another or stay with the one who taught her that things beyond the grave do exist?

BerniceBurley BerniceBurley Oct 05, 2015
Dont stop now. I want to write stories but dont know where to start.
luvly_ash luvly_ash Jan 05, 2011
your are my favorite auther ever! this story was hands down the BESTEST story i have EVER read!!!!!!!!
JeremyGordon JeremyGordon Jul 16, 2010
interesting :P i will be popping back to check out more :) lol, maybe i'm tired, but was she getting changed whle he was staring through her window? cause her reaction, "hey he's hot" seemed rather amusing :P i'm thinking I missed something though :) lol
ishhy101 ishhy101 Jun 17, 2010
                              This was awesome, aside from the few spelling mistakes. 
                              Loving it so far! [: 
                               - Ishhy. 
Brightblondegir Brightblondegir Apr 18, 2010
@pinkscarf1 There is a plus sign in the corner at the bottom 
pinkscarf1 pinkscarf1 Apr 15, 2010
@Ninie45 love the story too but i was just wondering how do you see a full chapter on a page. i've been trying for ever and i still cant do it need help