Lead Me Out Of The Dark (Andy Biersack Love Story) [COMPLETED]

Lead Me Out Of The Dark (Andy Biersack Love Story) [COMPLETED]

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Chapter 1: Lelani

Lelani's POV

I chewed on my lip as I watched girls walk away from the table, clinging to their freshly signed merch. Only four more people and I will be meeting my heroes. I spent all of my money on this concert, I don't even have enough money to get home. I'm probably going to have to walk or get a ride with someone here. I smiled as I came up to CC, the drummer of Black Veil Brides, handing him my CD.

"Hi." He smiled at me, passing it down to Jinxx. They all said hi to me before signing and passing the CD to the next person. I got to Andy, the last person, and began to violently sob. I covered my hands with my face and couldn't stop myself, I couldn't move, I was frozen.

"Are you okay?" I heard a voice ask. I just kept crying. I felt someone place a hand on my shoulder and felt them pull me towards the table. This mystery person wrapped their arms around me and pulled me in for a tight hug. "Are you okay?" They asked again. I took my hands away from my face a...

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bvbmysavior bvbmysavior Mar 01
Yes. Lmao when me and my friend met jinxx we cried and he hugged us and told us not to 😭
I'd be over the freaking moon 😂😂 who wouldn't want to sleep with Andy Biersack?
Must have been some good sex if she already has him on one knee
Welp, thought this was gonna be a nice slow paced book for once... I was wrong 😭😂😂
Omg I'd literally collapse if that was me, and I wouldn't have even been able to walk to the bus because I'd be too busy trying not to pass out 😂😂 I get nervous when I meet famous people
She hasn't collapsed yet and Andy invited her to the bus
                              I would collapse if he hugged me