A Hero's Secret

A Hero's Secret

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Jenna Anderson By jennadanderson Completed

Dray Dinley found a nice, small town to settle down in for the next part of her life. It was on a lake and had plenty of nature to keep her  photography business going. What she didn't expect, and couldn't have foreseen even if she'd tried, was to fall face first into a murder.

Unfortunately, the murder was just the beginning. 

Welcome to Hero.

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[#17 in Mystery/Thriller: Nov 2017]

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                              I think it should be a tall msn since you don't state who you are comparing him with
                              I like that there's a reasonable explanation as to why she wants to move. It does make sense that a beach would not afford a lot of opportunity to take a variation of photos.
Sunburn_11 Sunburn_11 Feb 17
                              I loved this chapter! You do a really good job of adding details into your explanations of things. It really helps me to understand what’s happening and taking it all in. I didn’t see any mistakes, but I was so absorbed into the story I wouldn’t of noticed them anyway. Good job!
 #bbc : Perhaps you could change "it" because nothing was stated about something to be called an "it" in its first exposure. You could change it with "something".
Sunburn_11 Sunburn_11 Feb 17
                              I absolutely love when authors start stories off like this. You have me hooked already!
 #believerbc : And here I thought that it was a first POV. That sure caught me off guard.