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Find Me

Find Me

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JeanLouise By JeanLouise Completed

A/N: Have done some minor editting on this story, so its semi-readable. Still needs work. Be kind.

Helena was seemingly abandoned by her parents when she was just six years old. At seventeen, she finally feels like her life is how it should be. She lives in a foster house with Marilyn, who is the closest thing she could want to a mother. She has the perfect boyfriend, Will and is completely content in her own little world. Out of no where, the Mysterious Cooper Luntzton shows up and starts saying confusing things. From then on, nothing is the same. She moves out of her foster house, changes schools and boyfriends and discovers what really happened to her parents... 
Just when she's feeling a little lost, she falls for someone that just may be the only one that can find her again.

Aurelia21Valentine Aurelia21Valentine Apr 30, 2016
wow.....this sxxt is amazing.......nd cindy seems so brother like sister
missmask13 missmask13 Sep 16, 2013
ALRIGHT THIS BOOK!!!! WAS FREAKING AWESOME! HOW HAVE MORE PEOPLE NOT COMMENTED! This book has the worlds most original plot I've seen in a long time!  5 out of 5 masks and A must read for sure! Tweeted @missmask4726
tatii234 tatii234 Jul 15, 2013
No joke here Im dead serious I do that when I'm nervous or scared or feel like im going to get caught doing something i hold my breath dont ask me why but i just do it, i guess it calms my nerves and i could hear better no lie :) im dead ass
JeanLouise JeanLouise Jan 08, 2012
@inthedark3 Aaaaaaaahahahahhaha! I know! My brother and my stepdad have the most amazing eye lashes!! We actually attacked my step dad with make up one night. God he lOoked fabulous!! :\ ...bastard :|
Frostfallen Frostfallen Jan 07, 2012
It's usually the partner the main actor is with at the beginning of a book/film that doesn't last. Did that make sense?
JeanLouise JeanLouise Mar 13, 2011
@borocheer I did! but I changed the name... again hehe. thanks :)