Hades Doctor

Hades Doctor

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Eliabeacsp By Eliabeacsp Updated 2 days ago

His burning ember eyes calculated my every move as he pulled me over his shoulder, his touch too warm for someone so cold. 

A prophecy which came into play with one wrong step, a nightmarish curse out of jealousy and a God used to the darkness was enough and more to turn Elizabeth's world upside down.
#3 - in fantasy- 31/3/2018, #11- in adventure, #1 in Hades , #80- in teenfiction

 A girl gifted with the power over medicine and a curse untold. Join her as she ventures into the land of dead and meet a dangerous lonely God.

Published in MoboReader.

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Peoly1235 Peoly1235 Jan 11
Well she still won't want to meet your leader in this hell hole, see what I did there.
ihavecribblingcrabs ihavecribblingcrabs 12 hours ago
Is this one of the entrance ways to the underworld? Apparently there’s one on a mountain which Psyche used to go through but yet again i wouldn’t know better would I? (That made no sense)
Wait he had a halo and All that shiz what kinda underworld is this
UrsulaDavir UrsulaDavir Jan 07
The first question I'd probably ask if I met Hades face to face 😂
i_suck_ i_suck_ Jan 07
Y’all, I think she means she has only seen her purple eyes once.
I feel like this would be Yoongi, those of you who don’t know who Yoongi is, he is from a Kpop band called bts, and he would be like this because, he is savage all the time but secretly a softy ❤️😂😂😂